Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Our Dance. Our Music.

Get a date, buy the perfect outfit, spend tons of money becoming the best version of you, just to listen to music that no one has heard since 2011. No one wants to hear the Cupid Shuffle, Bruno Mars, or especially Cotton Eyed Joe. 

If you want to keep the crowd, then play music that the crowd wants to hear. We need supervision, but not so much that it infringes on our fun. There’s no reason to take out the cuss words, when they have become mainstream, anyways.  The administration needs to find their perfect balance of supervision, and most importantly, let us pick the music.

No one knows popular teenage music better than high schoolers. If the sole purpose of school dances are to entertain teenagers, then we should be the main contributors to the music.

A committee could be formed to make a playlist of the most popular songs of the time, to ensure everyone is dancing. Although the committee will contribute the most to the dance’s playlist, all students will have a say. Our student-led Digital Devil news will ask for student suggestions on all social platforms. No one likes to dance to unknown music. This committee, along with the voice of our student body, should decide the playlist for all dances in the future.

The administrations worry about appropriateness is understandable. We understand the administration’s strides to make our dances appropriate and a welcoming environment.

Some of the music’s initial meanings may be suspect, but no one at our school would ever start violence because of music. No one’s innocence will be shattered from one night of music. The DJ that our school hires would easily be able to play a student-made playlist. 

The student body is simply asking for better music. It is obvious, to have an engaging dance, they must be interested in the music. The same music is played at all school dances. As music evolves, so should the song selections at our school dances. Owensboro High School has a tradition of excellence, let’s start a tradition of amazing school dances.

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