Should school districts take into account students that live out of district for snow days?

Samantha Phillips- Yes: With Owensboro High School being one of the best schools in the surrounding area, a lot of people are willing to travel out of district to attend school here. 

Since OHS has so many students that live out of district, OPS should consider their out of district students when it comes to cancelling school after a night of snow and ice. I know that for the kids who live out of district, including myself, they sometimes experience dangerous situations while coming to school in the morning. 

The danger really arises when Daviess County Public Schools close for dangerous conditions while OPS schools stay in session. Many people who live out of district have to travel the roads that are too dangerous for the DCPS buses to cross. 

OPS should widen the area that they examine and examine a few county roads before they make a final decision about snow days. If OPS truly cares about the safety of all their students, then they should take into consideration the students that have to travel to get to school. 

Grant Kingsley – No: I do not believe that schools are responsible for kids who live out of the school district who are not able to get to school because of weather effects. 

The people who live outside of the district choose to go to a specific school and they take full obligation for getting to school and getting there on time. 

The vast majority of the school’s population lives within the district getting to school and schools are only responsible for those who fall in this category. There are usually schools that are located within the district of the students home, therefore, students should attend that school, or follow the rules of the district of the school that they are part of.

The Owensboro Public School system should not have to drive the county roads to check to see if they are clear or not because they are not within the district lines. 

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