Max Thurman

ooops…We meant to publish this with the currently featured video of Ella Bratcher facing off against our ranked kicker. It’s still good, though. Read away!

Max Thurman (10), Owensboro High School Football’s primary kicker is ranked a four-star by and is ranked 35th out of hundreds of other sophomore kickers nationwide.

Thurman has attended 6 different football camps this year, including Ray Guy’s Kicking/Punting/Long Snapping camp – a top prospect camp where he was invited with 150 of high school’s best kickers to Nashville, TN over the summer – and is being coached by some of the nation’s finest football instructors. 

By attending these camps, Thurman is improving his game and getting noticed by scouts with his impressive 57 yard kickoff distance – especially as a rising high school junior. Thurman says that he is getting “on the radar” (of recruiters) while doing something he enjoys that is helping him grow and improve his skills. He said, “I don’t think about myself being a 4 star because I don’t want it getting to my head. I kick because it is something I love.”

After high school Thurman plans to attend college, but is undecided on where he would like to go. He says he also dreams of playing professionally one day. For now, he will continue practicing and hopefully making lots of extra points.

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