By: Jacob O’Bryan

The US Men’s Soccer National Team has officially advanced to the knockout stage of the 2022 World Cup after a hard fought battle against Iran, winning 1-0. They have been proving many US fans and others around the world wrong throughout the Qatar World Cup with a tie against the behemoth team of England and a well fought tie with Wales. With the youngest team the United States has ever put into the World Cup, they finished the group stage with a record of 1-2-0, which is extremely impressive. 

Advancing into the knockout stage is a big deal, as this is the stage in which a World Cup Champion will be crowned. After missing the World Cup in 2018 entirely, this is a huge step for the USMNT. For this upcoming game on December 3, the US will kick off the knockout stage playing against the Netherlands. They have shown their strength with huge results from their group stage. Be sure to tune in this weekend and support our boys Saturday at 9:00 AM. 


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