By: Kelsey Martin

On October 22, 2022, railroad workers threatened to strike after more than three years of contract negotiations failed, and now this threat is coming to fruition. The unions pushed for a pay increase and better working conditions. Rail union leaders and carriers agreed to a tentative deal in September that included pay raises for members. But many union workers voted against the deal, in part because they have been pushing for paid sick days, which they currently do not receive.

This is relevant to us because this is happening around Christmas time, during which the expedient transportation of goods is of heightened importance. Anything that is transported on tracks will cease moving, thus deliveries would be delayed. This strike would also affect commuters who rely on the railway to get to work, as well as, and possibly most importantly, the nation’s energy supply and drinking water. 

If no solutions arise, the rail strike will happen the week of December 13. Be sure to keep your ears to the ground on this topic and hope that a deal is squared soon.  

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