By: Brooklyn Williams

KUNA stands for Kentucky United Nations Assembly. It is a youth conference held in Louisville at the Galt House hotel. This conference mimics the actual United Nations Assembly. Each high school that attends selects a country and creates a resolution for that country. Once their resolution is written the high school attends the three-day conference.

This year Owensboro High School is reintroducing KUNA to its students. After a push from senior students Hanna Beth Chancellor and Chandler Worth, this Student-Y Club has kicked into full action preparing for this year’s conference with our fearless leader Coach Fallin. 

Croatia has been selected as our country, and all forces are locked in on making our resolution the best possible! Our country was chosen by submitting several choices in order of which country we want most to least. If a high school was registered before us and requested the same, they would be given that country and we would be given our next option. Croatia wasn’t our first choice, but everyone involved is fully on board and excited about this country. 

KUNA here we come!

Dates: March 9-11th

Where: Galt House Hotel (Louisville, Kentucky)

Goal: Have fun and learn a lot!

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