By: Kelsey Martin

Have you heard what happened in Ohio? A chemical plume caused by a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio is being tracked down the Ohio River. Significant amounts of the toxic chemical vinyl chloride and other contaminants billowed into the air or spilled into local waterways.

Downstream communities began to fear contamination in their drinking water due to the crash on February 3rd, involving 53 cars of a Norfolk Southern freight train, and many residents feel they have been left with more questions than answers.

The questions we have all been wondering here in Owensboro are will it effect our water and will it be detected? Well, I’m going to ease your concerns.

In short, no. Owensboro’s water mostly comes from wells, so it will not have much effect to our water. The city of Ashland and nearby communities were the first in the state to confront the chemical spill as it makes its way downstream, but the plume should be diluted beyond detection by the time it arrives here in Owensboro. Thank goodness.

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