By: Cameron Fulkerson

I am pretty sure that a lot of men receive a gift from their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, right? Well soon they will be able to return the favor, as this coming Tuesday, March 14, is the quasi-Valentine’s, Asian holiday of White Day.

White Day is a holiday celebrated mostly in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. On Valentine’s Day in those countries, the girls typically give the men gifts, then on White Day the men return the favor. It is called White Day because the color white represents teenage love in Japanese culture.

White Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1978. Basically, a coffee shop in Japan received a letter saying it was unfair how women got nothing on Valentine’s Day. This coffee shop is where it was assigned and made into a custom by The National Confectionery Industry Association, for which men received chocolate on Valentine’s Day. 

Now that you know what White Day is, you need to get prepared, men, so here is my advice for a good date and gift. You could get her flowers. Those work. Here in Owensboro, good places to get those are Ivy Trellis or Wellburn Floral. Next, you need to take your lady somewhere peaceful, maybe like Smothers Park at sunset prior to dinner. I recommend Cheddars on Highway 54. It is a great restaurant with a good atmosphere and great food. Then when you are enjoying yourselves, you give her the bill… I mean the flowers!

So those are my suggestions if you are ready to celebrate White Day for the first time! They should be fool proof, so go get’em guys!

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