By: Rosa Almanza

The POV application is a disposable camera app that can be downloaded on any phone. You need to check it out!

Here’s how it works. You and your friends go out to have some fun or go on a weekend trip. Using the POV app, you “host” an event, in which you can have how ever many people you want to participate. You select a start date and an end date, then set up how many pictures each person can take (it ranges from 5-25). You and everyone else in the event then take pictures throughout the allotted period of time. The interesting part of the app is that you can’t retake a picture or even view the picture once it has been taken. When the event ends, you then have to wait 12 hours to view the pictures. You can’t set your phone time to a different time to get around it, you have to wait the whole 12 hours! When the 12-hour waiting period ends, the event will stay on your account and you can also view your own pictures, as well as everyone else’s point-of-view from the event.

Trips are fun, and no one wants them to end. Everyone always wants to reminisce on the time you had and stay in the moment as long as possible. With the POV app, you have all of the pictures everyone took while you were there, not just your own, giving you a better reminiscing experience that can be looked back upon as many times as your heart desires. Plus, the waiting makes the experience so much more fun. It’s like a mystery! I highly recommend it! đŸ™‚

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