By: Rylee Fisher

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the Rose Curtain Players are going on a day trip to Berea, Kentucky to perform at Madison Southern High School. They will be bringing a thespy (short, five-minute snippet of a performance) from a play by William Shakespeare called “Much Ado About Nothing”. The Rose Curtain Players also will be performing the first fifteen minutes of “Puffs”. 

The scene they are using from Much Ado is about a character named Dogberry who is trying to crack down on a case, but doing it very poorly. This scene is most lovingly referred to as The (insert synonym for donkey) Scene. Puffs is a parallel take on the Harry Potter saga, telling the story from the House of Hufflepuff’s perspective. Think “Wicked” to “The Wizard of Oz”. This fifteen-minute performance of Puffs is going to be all of the Puffs introducing themselves and going to class!

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