By: Cameron Fulkerson

The Disney+ Star Wars series “The Bad Batch” just finished its second season, and on a big cliffhanger I must say. So here are my SPOILER FREE thoughts on the series so far.

The Bad Batch is a continuation after the prequel films (Episodes 1-3). In this series, we get to see the galaxy change after the Clone Wars through the eyes of some rogue clones that had one arc in season 7 of the clone wars called Clone Force 99. Clone Force 99 is made up of Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, Echo, Wrecker, and an unique young female clone, Omega. 

A lot of episodes have some interesting lore, cameos, and facts to increase the galaxy, along with answering some questions from the film like, why recruit regular people when you still have the clones? Answer: Because them blindly following orders led to various problems. And we see how the empire took on the galaxy, like using clearance codes for everyone to travel.

The Batch has adapted to these changes and has to make difficult choices on what to do, all while raising Omega. Much like how US soldiers have to go back after a war and decide on their life with a child, the Clone Wars were the only thing they were taught from birth. Thus, with it taken away, they decide on what to do in life now that it is over.

The Bad Batch is a unique show for stars that show off the consequences of war and what happens to soldiers afterwards with interesting moments throughout. I really enjoy this show and this season and highly recommend everyone to watch.

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