By: Brennan Foster

The NFL Playoffs are now just a month away, and while a lot can change between now and then and the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024, the cream is starting to rise to the top. Here are the six teams (three in each division) that we here at the Digital Devil feel have the best shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy exactly two months from today.


#1 Miami Dolphins

It’s no surprise that the Dolphins are ranked #1 in offense in the NFL, as they have pummeled team all season. Not to mention the fact that they have arguably the best player in the league in WR Tyreek Hill. But as of now, in addition to that explosive offense, their defense is ranked #6 since CB Jalen Ramsey returned from injury. Ramsey coming back has really helped their defense come together, and if they can continue to ride this wave, I think they will win four of their last five games, end the season 13-4 and be the #1 seed in the AFC (first round bye).

#2 Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are the #2 team in the AFC because they simply play at good, consistent football, a characteristic they get from their longtime head coach, John Harbaugh. They made a statement in Week 8, blowing out the high-powered Lions and showed perseverance this week in a thrilling OT victory over the Rams. Simply put, Baltimore is playing really good teams and beating them by a good amount, a combination that screams contenders.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are ranked #10 in both offense and defense, and have taken a step back from where they have been the last few years. But they still find themselves as top-three contender in the AFC in my opinion because of Patrick Mahomes, arguably the top playmaking play caller in the game. If their wide receivers can somehow improve, or at least learn how to catch the ball and line up on side, then they will for sure have a shot at back-to-back Super Bowl victories.


#1 San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are most definitely the best team in the NFC, if not the NFL. They blew out the 10-1 Eagles last week and are now, in my eyes the best team playing. Their defense combined with numerous explosive playmakers on the offensive side of the ball make them the best “dual threat” team out there. If they keep playing at this level, and can avoid the injuries that have plagued them in the past, they will be in the Super Bowl come February and will likely be favored. 

#2 Philadelphia Eagles

Despite two rough weeks in a row, the Eagles are still the #2 team in the NFC (more on the Cowboys later). I believe they will bounce back in Week 15, as they have all of the pieces to make a deep run in the playoffs. I think they’ll finish the season on a winning streak, go 14-3 and have a shot to be the #1 team coming out of the NFC.

#3 Detroit Lions

The Lions are now 9-4 after a dud this week, but I feel like it was a one-off. This team is as explosive as anyone when clicking and they extremely well coached. They will need to play their absolute best football in order to make it to the Super Bowl, but if they get there, they could possibly even win it. Nobody would have thought they would have made it this far with this record, but they are winning games and putting up numbers that secures the third and final spot on the NFC contenders list.

Why no Dallas Cowboys?

Because they’ll blow it like they’ve done every time they’ve made the playoffs since 1996…

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