Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

It Still Matters this Week….and the Next….

As the next generation of voters, it is vital for us, as a student body, to be aware of what is going on within our government. The midterm elections occurred the week before last week and drastically changed the direction that America is headed. Republicans gained 2 seats in the Senate, and Democrats now have control of the House. This change may sound very minor, but the impact of the results of the election are significant.

For the past four years Republicans controlled Congress for four years. Their control has made it very easy for the party to pass Republican legislation, and block Democratic legislation. In the next two years Americans can expect less legislation as Democrats can now block Republican laws. Our congress’s ability to be bipartisan is truly going to be tested in the next two years.

Republicans now have a greater majority in the Senate, but few individuals know what that actually entails. Trump had already replaced two justices and there is a high probability that there will be more, and Republicans made clear with Kavanaugh that they want to be the party to replace the vacant seats. With their control in the Senate this will be noticeably easier.

The same scenario transpires with Democrats gaining control of the house, but few are aware of what that actually entails. Democrats now have the power to investigate Trump and his involvement with the Russian government. Despite this power, they may not actually investigate due to Trump saying he is not willing to work with them and make deals if they choose to investigate him.

Our generation now has more control over our country’s future as a country, and we need to utilize it. Voter turnout for young people has increased in Daviess County from 20% to 42%, and for the next election it should increase more. If you cannot even identify your representatives and say you made your voice heard, then you cannot complain about the conditions of America.

So even though the political ads are finally off, you need to pay attention and informed. 


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