Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Got Venmo?

If you have ever been out with a friend from college, chances are you’ve heard about Venmo.

Venmo is an app that allows you to pay others instantly using your bank account, which is perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t always carry their wallet or is running low on cash. With Venmo, all you have to do is pay someone and the money goes directly into their bank account, hassle free.

Savannah Gatton (12) says that Venmo “is really cool and has helped me out before in situations when I forgot my wallet.” The only downside is that there’s a 25-cent fee if you need an instant transfer, which places the money in your bank account immediately, otherwise you have to wait one-to-three business days in order to receive the full amount. No big deal for babysitting cash, but if you need some fast cash, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and shell out that extra quarter.

While there are other instant payment apps that gets the job done, Venmo comes with a twist. The social aspect of the app allows you to leave a comment whenever you’re paying or requesting money from someone, making it feel more like an experience than a transaction. Not only that, you are also able follow your friends if they have an account, so you can see what they’re spending their money on.

Hunter Morris (12) is a frequent Venmo user, and says that the comments are the best part. “It’s nice because I kind of forget I’m paying someone,” he says.

A lot of people will admit that they often find themselves scrolling through the feed wondering why someone paid for Froot Loops at three in the morning, or why someone is paying their teacher for toilet paper.

Venmo is a quick, easy, and fun payment process that is becoming a staple in a lot of people’s lives and using it will only make yours easier.

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