Mario Kart, the classic game we all played on our Wii, that defines our childhood, has now come onto the app store. The mobile game was released on September 25th, by the well known video game company Nintendo. The “Gen Zs” are more excited than the company itself because they get to relive their childhood favorites. 

The game currently has 90 million downloads, which most likely includes the entire OHS student body. From walking the halls to eating lunch, you will hear this app being talked about. Instead of scrolling on social media, all I see is my peers playing Mario Kart Tour while walking mindlessly down the hallways. 

This version of Mario Kart is slightly different from the one on the Wii. Sadly, you can’t choose any driver you want. They are randomly generated for you when you get the app, but you can unlock more as you go along. As we were used to selecting our favorite courses, and avoiding Rainbow Road, you unlock a new course when you gain enough points from your previous race. The steering while racing has been a flaw pointed out by many. Playing this game myself, there is too much sensitivity when maneuvering the cart. 

Although it isn’t exactly the remake we were hoping for, we’ll take it. Feeling the nostalgia is overall more important than efficiency to us Gen Zs. I believe this is the hottest game on the market since Pokemon Go during summer of 2016. As you get to add friends to race against, it creates a way to compete with your friends even if you aren’t with them. With the app being free, I say you join your fellow classmates and race your way through the tracks.

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