By: Landon Block

Congratulations to the OHS Academic Team at the KAAC State Finals last weekend! The Quick Recall team made history by placing FOURTH in the STATE, breaking their previous record of making the Sweet 16 last year. A huge congratulations to the Written Assessment competitors who placed top ten in the state!

  • Beckett Gilmore – FIRST in the state for Arts and Humanities with a score of 47/50!
  • Mya Kelly – 8th in the state for Language Arts with a score of 46/50 questions!
  • David Daniel – 5th in the state for Science with a score of 41/50!

The history-making quick recall was made up of:

  • Mya Kelly (Senior) – Team Captain
  • Beckett Gilmore (Junior)
  • David Daniel (Junior)
  • Orion Brey (Sophomore)
  • Landon Block (Sophomore)
  • Kaden Blankenship (Sophomore)
  • Sam Busse (Freshman)
  • Khoa Ta (Freshman)

Farewell to our only senior, Mya Kelly, who has worked incredibly hard over the past four years to dominate in both Language Arts and Quick Recall! You will be missed!

Beckett Gilmore (1st, Arts/Humanities), Mya Kelly (8th, Language Arts), & David Daniel (5th, Science)

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