By: Cameron Fulkerson 

Well the third season of The Mandalorian just finished on Disney+. So here is my quick, somewhat obscure recap of the new installment of this revolutionary show. 

The cutest thing alive is back in the Silver Tin Can Man’s hands. But the Silver Tin Can Man has to Redeem himself for catching vitamin D. And he must take a bath to do it. He tries to break apart a statue for help. But the statue uses its head to rampage him. So he asks the Blue Tin Can Woman for help. She refuses to return to their home world. So he goes alone, only to get captured by a creature that looks like something straight out of Doctor Who. The cutest green thing then finally convinces the Blue Tin Can Girl to return to her home world. They finally go take that Redeeming bath and both apologize for catching vitamin D. 

After saving another child, and taking down a moss-like creature, and learning that Darth Jar Jar saved the young child from unlucky sixes. Everyone finally decides to liberate the home of the Tin Cans. But not before running into Bowser, the singer of Truth Hurts, and Doctor Emmett Brown to take down some robots from a couple era ago. The Silver Tin Can Man gives The Blue Tin Can Woman the black lightsaber. 

They give the cutest thing alive a scary Mech, then head off to take back the Tin Can World. But it’s a trap!! The Silver Tin Can gets captured, and the other Tin Cans retreats. With the cutest green thing alive saving him, and a giant Star Destroyer tactic, they stop the evil Black Tin Can Man and the Tin Can Men live on. 

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