By: Addie Travis

If you’re unsure what Christmas movies to watch this year, look no further. Here is the definitive top five list of Christmas movies.

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This is a comedic Christmas movie. It’s perfect for a good laugh as you watch everything go wrong for Clark Griswold’s Christmas.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a great Christmas movie with many different versions to choose from. There is the classic Dr. Seuss cartoon, the live-action version with Jim Carrey, and the newer, reimagined animated version. No matter which one you choose, they will all put you in the Christmas spirit.

3. Elf

This is a fun Christmas movie for the whole family to watch. Will Ferrell is the perfect “elf” who’s trying to find his family. It’s a very funny and cozy watch.

4. A Christmas Story

This is a classic Christmas movie that is widely adored. If you’re considering watching it this year, you can find it playing on repeat all Christmas day.

5. Die Hard

Now this movie is widely debated. Some people consider it a Christmas movie, while others claim it’s definitely not. So if you’re more into action rather than a cheerful Christmas movie, this one is definitely for you.

Hopefully out of these five amazing movies you can find one that you enjoy watching this season!

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